The Washington State Energy Code (SWEC) Section R402.4.12 requires air leakage testing (using a blower door test) for all new houses and additions over 750 square feet. Building permits require this test.  Most companies available to conduct this test are multi-tasked - busy doing other services.  We are solely dedicated to providing immediate professional blower door testing at a rock bottom price.  Please call us for your next test.  You won't be disappointed.

Requirements may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Our tests should provide you with all the information needed to satisfy building inspection requirements.  Should your construction not qualify for building inspection approval, we will share with you observed faults and conduct a retest at a nominal fee after repairs.

We can produce a one page report and compliance certificate at the time of the test in exchange for immediate payment.  A more detailed report will follow within 5 days.  We can arrange for monthly billing for multiple homes tested in a one month period.